What are your current problems in your personal knowledge management?

What are the challenges you face in your personal knowledge management?

Hello @Alex,

A challenge in personal knowledge management for me is related to simply capturing details digitally. I’ve stumbled upon this vast world of knowledge management, second brain, and digital garden ideas.

While I’m not practiced in any specific method yet, studying them and seeing their use cases are highly interesting to me.

I’ve personally been using Obsidian as my application of choice due to the markdown and owning data ideals. Most of the information digitally I care to have is stored in a vault and now I’m in the process of organizing or linking and capturing information for me to use as reference later.

My trouble seems to come from wanting to capture little events in life to be able to query it later on in a systematic way that isn’t difficult. As an example I had used a mood tracker application on my phone daily for a year; I used their export and wrote a script to convert it to markdown. I technically can query that info but I would still require writing in a particular way.

Even capturing or syncing with calendar systems seems to be missing an all-in-one solution for me. Plugins for these newer tools are getting closer and closer, but even for myself who’s a developer, the technical stuff is complex to set up. (lots of friction).

So I’m having a hard time trying to sync a “bullet journal” style of note-taking to a system that makes that information easily accessible (via query or visually via calendar).