Slip 1.5A2a

Slip 1.5A2a - For the criticism of the group mind myth in particular cf. LaPiere, p. 4-7:

S.4: "This concept can be soonly stated as a belief that, from the interaction of people in social groups, there arises a collective ethos - variously termed mind, spirit, or soul. This mind is supposed to be the directive force of collective activities. To express it otherwise: when men interact collectively, they are thought to lose their identities as individuals and to merge into the whole, the spirit or force of which then determines the behavior of the individual members.

The concept of the group mind is nicely calculated to provide philosophical justifications for any kind of collective behavior which the particular philosopher happens to approve. Since it is the ‘mind’ of the

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Slip 1.5A2b group which determines the behavior of that [p. 5] group, no individual member of the group should attempt to resist the collective imperatives."

In it the essence comes almost to the expression: that the group spirit-term is susceptible to ideology, yes, even ideologically, because it allows no clear judgments, of which fixed would be adjustable, that if they are true or false, and because he therefore any and in contradictory can be demanding implications occasion.

With such concepts one can only operate when a unique, harmonious world as selbstver is provided without saying so because of her already vorliege a true transfer, which logically equal


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Slip 1.5A2c - possible judgments and inferences you tatsäch - updated Lich.

Cf. also 17.11 f.