ResearchMaps - A Tool for Research Planning

The volume of scientific research is overwhleming. And even the little sliver that each scientist manages to absorb quickly gets forgotten or remains disjointed with a system to integrate the facts.

To solve this problem, renowed neuroscientist Alcino Silva and colleagues have developed a tool called Research Maps to allow researchers to build a graph database of scientific findings from the literature.

ResearchMaps integrates and summarizes large amounts of causal information with a searchable, graphical format.

The original article describing this tool can be found here:

While designed mostly for biomedical researchers, I think this tool can provide some lessons and inspiration for how this tool and ones like it (e.g. graph databases) can be applied to other domains.

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@JohnAtl - You may find this interesting. It sounds like you’re a neuroscience researcher (as am I). This tool is used to provide a structured causal graph to help one see overall relationships and to infer new ones. One intriguing feature is also the ability to rate the strength of the evidence. Not all claims are the same. I would love to jump into this, but I’m hesitant that this will be a tool that may disappear. Nevertheless, a cool idea and model for how some more structured knowledgebases, especially for the sciences, might look like.

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Thanks - looks interesting!