Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Tool Wishlist - What features do you want/need that no current tool has?

What needs/wants do you have for personal knowledge management that no tool currently fulfills?

What features/functions would you like to see in a future tool or method?

This seems like it would be a very difficult question to answer. Since I don’t have knowledge of every tool. I know this to be the case, because I’m very frequently finding reference to another tool that I’ve never heard of. This is one of the things which keeps me coming back to this and other similar forums.

I wish to thank those who share their knowledge of the existence and capabilities of various tools and methods.

It seems like a more manageable, although still quite challenging task, would be to list what tools are available and what features they provide. I’ve seen many attempts to address this approach, by creating lists or repositories of lists. Unfortunately, this is a huge task and new options are created and old options seem to die off at an amazing pace.

Since I assume this was tossed out as a discussion starter, and it is actually a question that I would like to get a better answer for, does anyone have a better way to ask the question, or a better way to frame an answer?