Note 1.3 & 1.4

Note 1.3 - Limits to Unification

“It is part of a thorough unity that you let it grow from the depths and into the depths”.

Walter Wiora, European folk song, common forms in characteristic modifications, Cologne no year

Note 1.3a - Limits of the unification of will

“Not by power, but by internal factors, there is a consistency of people who are still in the anarchy is able to prove, and are made without which no rule can you escape the computing Herrschaftsden. - ken.” (Jaspers, From Truth, p. 369)

Note 1.3b Limits to Unification

Necessity to settle in, to grow. eg Heuss’sche attempt to create a national anthem to customize.

on the other hand: the creation of the Marseillaise.

Note 1.4 No recognition of intermediate stages of unification at the time of the unified fiction of nationalism.

It provides individuals and state without gang each other and meet. No recognition of corporations, etc. On the other hand, professional literature.

on this, Cahen-Salvador, La représentation des intérêts et les services publics, Paris 1935. and L. Rougier, La mystique democratique, p. 8th