Best Practices for Titling Notes

How do people title their notes?

I usually use an informative title, but then for some, I add additional information, most often a source. The source becomes especially important when I suspect that I will have the same title for multiple notes that address the same topic but from different sources.

I usually use hyphens to separate.

  • Informative/descriptive
  • Subtopic
  • Source
  • Usage
  • Disambiguation (if needed)
  • Abbreviation that I might search for

This demonstrates what I mean

How do you title your notes?

I mostly use titles in the form of statements like e.g.:

Snow-ice formation causes high nitrogen levels in the upper ice

but I may also use some prefix labels to denote the broader topic or a context, such as “Baltic Sea ice” in this example:

Baltic sea ice: high nutrient levels due to high ice permeability and snow ice

I don’t add the source info to the title since I can display additional properties such as the source’s citekey in a separate table column, next to the title – and optionally filter or sort by these properties:


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Thanks for sharing @msteffens! Keypoints looking better every time you share.